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Slugging Wrenches         Striking Wrenches

  • Powermaster Striking Wrenches have the heaviest construction on the market.

  • Striking Wrench wall and thickness optimized for heavy impact.

  • Powermaster also manufactures castellated wrenches for use on GE turbines. GE turbine tools like castellated sockets, stack sockets, slug wrenches, slug spanners are also manufactured.

  • Hammer Wrenches are available in all metric and inch sizes upto 9 1/4" (230 mm) A/F.

  • Powermaster also manufactures podger spanners or podger wrenches (Structured Wrenches).

Why Powermaster Slugging Wrenches / Hammering Wrenches / Podger Spanners?

  • Value: In the competitive world of today, savings matter! You get the life of the tools you expect at a fraction of the cost you currently pay!

  • Quality: Large percentage of our revenues are spent in improving designs and life of our products. New innovations on products in this catalogue are world’s firsts - ONLY WITH POWERMASTER.

  • Service: Powermaster is one of the world’s top 3 volume producers of tube tools. This enables us to stock more and service more customers from stock. If your local distributor does not have a part in stock we can usually get it to you by courier in 3 - 4 days - ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

  • Experience: You need experience to handle this vast array of products. We have been in the business since 1971.

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